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Announcements and Thank yous

GRIEVING AND THE HOLIDAYS Advent and Christmas can be very different when one is grieving the death of a loved one going through an illness, being a care-giver or going through a divorce. But, on the…

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Worship Matters

The tradition of the advent wreath probably originated among early Lutherans in Germany as a symbol of waiting and watchfulness. Candle arrangements vary but our new wreath includes three blue candles…

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Unlimited Forgiveness

Weekend of Sunday, September 14, 201414th Sunday after Pentecost/Year A/Lectionary 24/Proper 19Primary Text: Matthew 18:21-35Sermon Title: “Unlimited Forgiveness” Theme When Peter asks about the limits…

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Profit and Loss in the Kingdom's Economy

Weekend of Sunday, August 31, 201412th Sunday after Pentecost/Year A/Lectionary 22/Proper 17Primary Text: Matthew 16:21–28Sermon Title: “Profit and Loss in the Kingdom’s Economy” Theme After Peter confesses…

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